Hi we are Maryan and Amran. I am a mother of five and have experience with children as my last two jobs have been child care work and kindergarten assistant. My partner is a mother of 4 too.

My service is great because my partner and I work hand in hand and have good communication. I used to work in kindergarten and I always used to clean the work place before and after the children arrive or depart from the kindergarten. My partner and I are very kind and can promise very good customer service. We also like to be social and make friends with our customers.

Express Home and Office Cleaning Heidleburg offers you:

  • Office cleaning
  • Store cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • Home cleaning

I am happy to offer you 20% off oven cleaning and other additional services and 10% discount on windows until 21/08/2014.

Express Home and Office Cleaning Heidleburg is available to service Heidelberg, Eaglemont, Ivanhoe East and surrounding suburbs.

I have experience as a child care and kindergarten worker so I am used to cleaning and I am great with kids. Me and my partner clean to the highest standard. I have lived in my area for over 20 years and I am very familiar with the area and surrounding suburbs. I hope to satisfy my customers by cleaning their house, store, office or school at high quality level, the business has a code of conduct that we think is best of the best. Express Home and Office Cleaning Heidleburg look after them and their premises.